Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pinterest LIES!

   I love Pinterest but do you ever look at those amazing photo's and attempt to recreate something? Does it inspire you to try your hand at something new? My niece showed me an amazing Avengers cake the night before her 14th birthday and asked if I could do something similar- yes seriously, the night before!. Luckily, I adore Ironman and co.......oh my niece is kinda lovely too!.

My family and friends tell me I make an awesome sponge cake (hopefully, not more delusional behaviour on my part). Have you tried icing a cake? Icing a cake is a pain in the butt! When I have the time and ingredients I HAVE, been known, to decorate it AND make it look attractive (cake high five to me) but I don't find it easy. I will post a couple of photo's of the Dora the Explorer cake I made when Eve turned 3 (she's now 8, boo hoo) just to prove that it is possible, with alot effort, for me to produce an attractive cake. I find I achieve the best results if I make butter cream and then use a piping bag to decorate the cake with it.

This time however, when I checked the cupboard, my available icing colours were: orange, yellow, green, purple, black and white (left over from a high school project of my eldest, Olivia, who did an amazing cake of a character from Gumball). So, did I really want to purchase more icing or leave the house since I was all snuggley and cozy? I am much more of a "make do" type, especially if things are expensive and unlikely to be used again. The coloured icing in my fridge had already been there longer than I care to admit! So it was time to improvise and rid my house of dubiously coloured icing products.

Can I just say at this point, that my niece LOVED her cake and it tasted delicious; but oh dear a Pinterest look-a-like it was not! Also I recommend NOT sandwiching the layers with marshmallow whip, whilst it tastes divine your layers WILL slide as mine did! LOL!

OK, let me explain the cake.
Just by looking at it you may not be able to figure it out! hahaha.
Top layer features the face of Hulk along with his iconic ripped pants and also Thor's hammer.
The orange layer is Ironman and is supposed to be red but I didn't have any!
Bottom layer is Captain America's shield.

OK, stop laughing! I can't be the only one, who Pinterest convinced they could do something, that they clearly could not. Maybe I need to do a Pinterest page for all of our projects, that have not been quite so successful. We could find sympathy, support and a good dose of humour, so we don't feel so bad when our cakes look like mine.

Pinterest, I love you but you do make me jealous, still I'm off to browse their pictures for my latest online crafting fix.

Good luck, whatever you decide to make and remember to ALWAYS enjoy yourself otherwise what is the point! 

Louise x x

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