Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Put it off until tomorrow and CRAFT, CRAFT, CRAFT!

As you may be able to guess from the title of this post, I like to craft more than anything else! Why change the bedding/ clean the bathroom/ hoover the stairs, in the few quiet hours, the children are at school and I am not slaving away at work! I've discovered that I can do those routine/ mundane things tomorrow or the day after or the day after that, and the house doesn't fall apart, the world doesn't end Shaun of the Dead style, from my dust bunnies!  

I would like more me time to craft away to my hearts content, but who wouldn't. The NHS won' t pay me to stay at home (in real life I am a nurse), mores the pity! My favourite part of crafting is bringing a smile to the faces of my children, husband, parents, siblings and friends.  It's an extra,  an added bonus at the end of something I have enjoyed creating. It makes all the time I have taken to create an individual card, softie or canvas, worthwhile. Does that make me ultimately selfish? Oh well, at least I'm a generous, selfish person, so not all bad!

I've read other peoples crafty blog's and am always jealous of those crafter's who seem to be nice and organised. With their lovely, amazing craft rooms and ability to make several of the same card at once; blasted internet and Pinterest if it wasn't for them I would be pleasantly oblivious. 

I call my style more.... organised chaos. My little house is bursting at the seems with 2 children, husband and a dog. There is no where for a beautiful craft room or even a messy, not-so-beautiful craft room, so I have an end of the sofa, a small drawer/ filling system, down the side of it which doubles up as a side table to put my many, many cups of coffee on, and the bottom half of a cupboard which is very TARDIS like (Thank you IKEA!).

It begins well (famous last words).  I start off all organised, I have everything in a set place, all my drawers and boxes are labelled and then... Oh dear, organised chaos overtakes! I spread further and further out, as I make something and become engrossed. Bits of paper, embellishments,  ribbons, different card stock piled up on the floor, double sided sticky tape stuck to the dogs paw, scissors under a sofa cushion (not something I recommend unless you enjoy hospitals). I know where everything is (except those pesky scissors!). I am sure there must be other crafter's out there that can relate, I hope. Unless, Oh No... I wonder if I am just delusional!

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  1. "you've got red on you."

    Good luck with this :)